All sessions are virtual. My practice is full. I highly recommend you contact MEDA if you or a loved one are looking for resources for an eating disorder. 

I offer individual psychotherapy for people aged 18 and up. My therapy practice welcomes and celebrates those with marginalized identities, including:




Do you want to learn more about eating disorders? Health at Every Size? Do you need help with a client with a eating disorder? Are you school or organization looking to understand more about eating disorders? As a seasoned clinician specializing in eating disorders, one of my favorite things to do is to assist other clinicians and community members with cases where they would like this perspective. 

family support

I offer support for families and loved ones of those experiencing eating disorders and other mental health concerns. I have led support groups and assisted individuals for many years with caring for themselves as they support someone with an illness. 

- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual - Transgender - Gender Fluid, Non Binary - Queer/Questioning 

- Black, Indigenous, People of Color - Fat- Disabled- Neurodivergent- Polyamorous, kink


Beginning in 2021, I plan to start a support group for those working on recovery from an eating disorder. I will provide more details as they become available, please email me if interested.


I am currently offering private yoga and yoga therapy sessions. Read here for more information on my approach to yoga.