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"Working with Rachel during my eating disorder recovery was vital for me. She showed me, with the most compassion, understanding, and warmth, that there was life for certain beyond my eating disorder. She was the first person to tell me that recovery was completely possible for me. I’m eternally grateful for Rachel and would recommend her to anyone looking for a warm, inclusive and exceptional therapist."

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"Rachel is a kind, empathetic person and a skilled therapist. Her patience and ability to truly listen have facilitated my ability to support my daughter through her recovery, and to understand the meaning and value of self-care. I would absolutely recommend Rachel to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, caring, supportive therapist. So comforting to know Rachel is just a phone call away!"

"Rachel is dedicated and committed to helping each individual work on their personal goals.  She uses an eclectic approach, ensuring each person gets what they need.  Working alongside her, I was able to see how many people thanked her for her work in helping them recover from their eating disorder."

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